Shri Kashtabhanjan Dev Nutun Bhojnalay

Salangpur Mandir Bhojan Shala Highlights

  • An estimated 30 lakh devotees take advantage of Bhojan Prasad annually
  • Light breakfast-beans in the morning
  • Afternoon: vegetable-roti-dal-bhat and sweet prasad
  • Prasad of vegetable-roti-kheechadi-kadhi in the evening
  • Consumption of more than 60000 kg of pure ghee per year
  • Consumption of more than 100000 kg of wheat flour
  • Consumption of more than 25000 kg of jaggery
  • Consumption of more than 100000 kg of rice
  • A total of more than 80 people are working from different departments from 4 in the morning to 9 at night
  • In the last more than 100 years, there has not been a single untoward incident or any kind of collision in the food system.
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Shree Kashtbhanjan Dev The specialty of the Bhojnalay

  • - Free Food Service running for 100 years
  • - The only Bhojnalay of Shri Hanumanji Maharaj running for 24 hours
  • - Excellent result of service of millions of devotees
  • - Delicious meal of dal-bhat-shak-roti and dessert in the afternoon

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Salangpur Hanumaji Nutan Bhojnalay Silanyash Vidhi

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Estimated Cost of Direct Raw Material

Name of the item Daily consumption Monthly consumption Yearly consumption
Wheat Flour 200 kg 6000 kg 7000 kg
Pure Ghee 10 kg 300 kg 4000 kg
Oil 140 kg 4200 kg 50000 kg
Rice 150 kg 4500 kg 55000 kg
Turmeric 5 kg 150 kg 2000 kh
Vegetables 500 kg 15000 kh 180000 kg
Beans 80 kg 2500 kg 30000 kg
Chili 6 kg 180 kg 2500 kg
Milk for Buttermilk and Kadhi 150 litre 4500 litre 60000 litre