Hanuman Chalisa

Shree Guru Charan Saroj Raj, Nij Man Mukur Sudhari
Barnaun Raghubar Bimal Jasu, Jo Dayaku Phal Chari
I take the dust of the Lotus like feet of my teacher. I clean the mirror of my mind.
I narrate the pure glory of Sree Ram Chandra who is the giver of the four rewards, viz. Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksha.

Buddhiheen Tanu Jaani ke, Sumiraun Pavan-Kumar
Bal Budhi Bidya Dehu Mohin, Harahu Kales Bikaar
Knowing myself to be ignorant, I remember Hanuman, the son of wind (Pavan).
Kindly Bestow upon me strength, wisdom and knowledge, and remove my miseries and blemishes.

Jai Hanuman Gyan Gun Sagar, Jai Kapees Tihun Lok Ujagar
Victory of Thee, O Hanuman! You are the ocean of wisdom and virtue. Victory to the Lord of monkeys! You are known in all the three worlds.

Ramdoot Atulit Bal Dhama, Anjaniputra Pavansut Naama
You are the messager of Ram and the repository of immeasurable strength. You are the son of mother Anjani. The son of the wind is your name.

Mahabeer Bikram Bajrangi, Kumati Nivaar Sumati Ke Sangi
You are the most valiant and brave, with a body like lightening. You are the dispeller of evil thoughts and the companion of good thoughts.

Kanchan Baran Biraaj Subesa, Kanankundal kunchit kesa
Your complexion is golden colored. Your dress is pretty, wearing rings in the ears and your hair is curly.

Haath Bajra Aur Dhvaja Biraje, Kandhe Moonj Janeu saage
You are holding a lighting bolt in one hand and a flag in the other hand. A sacred thread made of moonj is decorated at your shoulder.

Sankar Suvan Kesarinandan, Tej Pratap Maha Jag Bandan
You are the emanation of Lord Shiva and you are the son of Kesri. Your aura and power is so great that it is prayed (for) by the entire universe.

Bidyavaan Guni Ati Chatur, Ram Kaj Karibe Ko Atur
You have knowledge, you are virtuous and you are very clever. You are keen to do the work of Shree Ram.

Prabhu Charitra Sunibe Ko Rasiya, Ram Lashan Sita man basyia
You are greedy to listen to the naration of Lord Ram's nature. Ram, Lakshman and Sita hold you dear in their hearts.

Sukshma roop Dhari Siyahi Dikhawa, Bikat roop Dhari Lank Jarawa
You took a tiny form to appear before Sita when she was emprisoned by Ravan. You took a terrible form to set Lanka afire.

Bhim roop Dhari Asur Sanhare, Ramchandra Ke kaaj Sanvare
You took a mammoth form to kill demons. You straightened out the works of Shree Ram.

Laaye Sajivan Lakhan Jiyaye, Shree Raghubir harashi ur laye
You brought the 'Sanjivani herb' and saved the life of Lakshman. Shree Ram happily took you in a deep embrace.

Raghupati Kinhi Bahut Badaai, Tum Mam Priya Bharatahi Sam Bhai
Shree Ram praised you a lot and said "you are dear to me like my brother, Bharat".

Sahas Badan Tumharo Jas Gaaven, As kahi Shripati Kanth Laagaven
"Let a thousand mouths sing your glories", thus said Shree Ram and embraced you at his neck.

Sankadik Brahmadi Muneesa, Narad Sarad Sahit Aheesa
Sanak and the sages, Lord Brahma, the great hermit, Narada and the cosmic serpent, Sheshnag sing your glories.

Jam Kuber Digpal Jahan Te, Kabi Kabid Kahi Sake Kahan Te
Even Gods like Yamraj, Kuber, and Digpal fail to describe your glory adequately, let alone the poets and scholars of the earth.

Tum Upkar Sugreevahin Keenha, Ram Milay Raj pad Deenha
You obliged Sugriva. You introduced him to Shree Ram and he got the post of king.

Tumhro Mantra Bibhishan Maana, Lankeswar Bhae Sab Jag Jaana
Vibhushan heeded to your advice and entire universe knows that he became the king of Lanka.

Jug Sahastra Jojan Par Bhanu, Leelyo Taahi Madhur Phal Jaanu
The Sun is at a distance of thousands of miles and it takes eons to reach there. You gulped that, considering that to be a sweet fruit.

Prabhu Mudrika Meli Mukha Maaheen, Jaladhi Laanghi Gaye Acharaj Naaheen
Carrying the Lord's ring in your mouth, you jumped across the ocean from Rameshwaram to Lanka. There is no wonder that you can achieve such a feat.

Durgam Kaaj Jagat Ke Jete, Sugam Anugrah Tumhre Tete
All the difficult tasks of the world are made easy by your grace.

Ram Duaare Tum Rakhvare, Hot Na Aagya Bin Paisare
You keep the door of Ram's abode secure. No one may enter without your permission.

Sab Sukh Lahai Tumhari Sarna, Tum Rachchak Kaahu Ko Dar na
All the happinesses rest under your grace. When you are the protector, then no one else's fear is there.

Aapan Tej Samharo Aapai, Teenon Lok Hank Te Kanpai
Only you can control your own might. When you roar, all the three worlds tremble.

Bhoot Pisaach Nikat Nahin Aavai, Mahabir Jab Naam Sunavai
Ghosts and evil spirits don't come near when devotees speak the name "Mahabeer".

Nasai Rog Harai Sab Peera, Japat Nirantar Hanumat Beera
The maladies perish and the entire pain disappears by regularly reciting brave Hanumanji's name.

Sankat Te Hanuman Chhudavai, Man Kram Bachan Dhyan Jo Lavai
Hanumanji rescues them from danger, who brings him into their thoughts, rituals and words.

Sub Par Ram Tapasvee Raaja, Tin Ke Kaaj Sakal Tum Saaja
Rama is the Supreme religious king above all and you straightened out all his works.

Aur Manorath Jo Koi Lavai, Soi Amit Jivan Phal Pavai
Whichever desire anyone cherishes, he begets the unlimited eternal fruit of life.

Charon Jug Partap Tumhara, Hai Parsiddha Jagat Ujiyara
Your glory remains in the four ages (Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug and Kaliyug) and your aura is famous all over the world.

Sadhu Sant Ke Tum Rakhvare, Asur Nikandan Ram Dulare
You are the protector of saints and sages. You destroy the Demons, you are dear to Shree Ram.

Asht Siddhi Nau Nidhi Ke Data, As Bar Din Janki Mata
You are the giver of 8 Sidhis and 9 Nidhis, that was the boon given by mother Sita.
○ Asht Siddhis ○
• Anima-Siddhi
the ability to decrease the size of one's body and become smaller than the smallest particle
• Mahima-Siddhi
the ability to increase the size of one's body, ultimately enveloping the universe
• Laghima-Siddhi
the ability to make one's body lighter than air and fly at will
• Prapti-Siddhi
the ability to manifest any object one desires within one's hand
• Prakamya-Siddhi
the ability to attain anything one desires
• Ishita-Siddhi
the ability to control the sub-potencies of the laws of nature
• Vashita-Siddhi
the ability to bring others under one's control
• Kamavasayita-Siddhi
the ability to attain anything anywhere
○ Nava Nidhis ○
• Padam-Nidhi
attainment of children, grandchildren, gold, silver, i.e. the precious metals
• Mahan-Padam
one gets diamonds, rubies and other gems and jewels (precious stones)
• Kharab
riches of all kinds
• Kund
trading in gold
• Nil
trading in precious stones, jewels, and gems
• Sankh
delicious eatables (created from nowhere)
• Kachhap
clothes and food-grains in abundance
• Mukund
mastery in arts, music, and poetry
• Makar
gives the art of using weapons and sovereignty on others

Ram Rasayan Tumhare Pasa, Sadaa Raho Raghupati Ke Dasa
You hold the essence of devotion to Shree Ram. May you always remain His Servant.

Tumhare Bhajan Ram Ko Pavai, Janam-Janam Ke Dukh Bisravai
Through praying to you, one finds Shree Ram and forgets all the suffering of several lives.

Ant Kaal Raghubar Pur Jai, Jahan Janm Hari Bhakta Kahai
Then, after death, one enters the abode of Shree Ram and is known as a devotee of Hari, getting new birth.

Aur Devta Chitt Na Dharai, Hanumat Sei Sarb Sukh Karai
Even if you do not hold any other god in mind, Hanumanji alone gives all the happiness.

Sankat Kate Mite Sab Peera, Jo Sumirai Hanumat Balbeera
The dangers get removed and all the pains disappear, whoever remembers Hanumanji

Jai Jai Jai Hanuman Gosain, Krapa Karahu Guru Dev Ki Nai
Hail, Hail, Hail Hanumanji! Please bless me as my teacher god.

Jo Sat Baar Paath Kar Koi, Chhutahi Bandi Maha Sukh Hoi
Whoever recites this Hanuman Chalisa one hundred times, becomes free from all the bondages and enjoys the highest bliss.

Jo Yah Padhe Hanuman Chaleesa, Hoy Siddhi Sakhi Gaurisa
Whoever recites it would achieve his desire, thus is witnessed by the husband of Gauri (Parvati), Lord Shiva who had got this Hanuman Chalisa written.

Tulsidas Sada Hari Chera, Keeje Nath Hriday Mahn Dera
Tulsidas is always the servant of Shree Ram, hence he prays to Hanuman ji, "Oh my Lord! Please enshrine within my heart".

Pavan Tanay Sankat Haran, Mangal Moorati Roop
Ram Lakhan Sita Sahit, Hriday Basahu Sur Bhoop
O the Son of wind, O the reliever of dangers, you look is the statue of ausciousness.
Please reside in my heart along with Shree Ram, Lakshman and Sita.

I suppose it's nice once in awhile to still be able to take part in Hindu (or Sanātana Dharma, as some people prefer to call it) ceremonies - it keeps that connection with not only my religion, but also my culture.